"I would like to personally encourage you to attend an event of this kind in the future, so we may, ‘Sing unto him, sing psalms unto him: talk ye of all his wondrous works’ (Psalm 105:2)."

— Bianca Sirbu, viola


"I again felt the love of our brethren and their enthusiasm for music. The discipline and the organization of the music camp were a blessing to me. I felt the Lord blessed our efforts so that we were able to give a quality concert with His help."

— Oliver Toth, violin


"During this camp, I got closer to the Lord and I always felt He was with us."

— Anna Kaknics, flute


"The spotlights are sparkling anew, yet this time—in our hearts. We feel. We listen. We produce. We are struck in awe. We are playing as unto the Lord and not unto man. It is His Kingdom that is around and through and in us. We are in the presence of an Almighty One.”

— Bethany Montrose, Cello