Meet the Orchestra members.

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Marcos Pedrazas

Brother Marcos Pedrazas is the Music Department leader for the General Conference. During his term, he has been actively involved in music camps around the world. Additionally, several worldwide events have been held such as Music and the Protestant Reformation and The Dangers of Charismatic Music.


Isaac Terceros

Brother Isaac Terceros, a member of the GC Music Department Committee, will be our featured conductor. He works as a professional conductor. In his free time, his passion for music—especially church music—has taken him around the world where he has led many of our music camps in different countries.

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Sister Barbara Montrose received her degree in Violin Performance and has remained active as a musician, though she dedicates the majority of her time to church work. She is also a member of the GC Music Department Committee and will serve as the orchestra’s Concertmaster.