Where will I be staying?

During the rehearsal days, the accommodations for orchestra members will be provided. However, you still need to register and pay for the general accommodations for the four days of general meetings. In order to be accepted to the orchestra, you will need to provide proof that your accommodations registration has been made successfully.

Is it necessary to attend rehearsal?

Yes, we expect all members of the orchestra to attend all rehearsals. Since the amount of practice time is extremely limited and we have a lot of repertoire to cover, we expect you to be present at the very beginning as this is imperative to the success of the orchestra.

what if i don’t have money?

You may still apply and request a scholarship. However, we are only able to provide these for a select few and this is contingent upon how much donation we receive for the purpose. Selection will be rigorous and based on the needs of the orchestra, as well as your experience.


This will be updated soon.